For Health Professionals

Referrals can be sent via Medical Objects or faxed to (07) 5447 2322

Dr. Georgius accepts WorkCover and CTP patients as a treating doctor only (not Independent Medical Examinations).

Information we require to expedite the progress of the referral:
  • A current medication list or a pharmacy review prior to appointment
  • An outline of relevant past medical history
  • Copies of reports (x-rays, MRIs etc.) relating to the condition

  • Rehabilitation Options

  • Inpatient rehabilitation at Nambour Selangor Private Hospital.
  • Outpatient rehabilitation at Nambour Selangor Private Hospital.
  • Outpatient pain rehabilitation/multidisciplinary pain management program Noosa Hospital.
  • Tailored individual multidisciplinary approach utilising community services.
  • Please contact the office to discuss these options and referrals.


    Dr Georgius offers Telehealth video consultations for patients in eligible areas.
    Ideally initial consultation is face to face and, if appropriate, follow up Telehealth consultations can be organised for selected patients.
    Please contact the rooms to discuss details.